10 Useful Gadgets To Bring Your Apartment To The Modern Age

Apartments are becoming a traditional first home for Americans. Most Americans have stated that apartments are the best choice rather than immediately buying a house. First time renters of an apartment are paying huge bills for the first time and are given the choice to fully customize and decorate their living space without the limited opportunity of a college dorm room. With this freedom, companies have begun marketing apartment appliances to the newer apartment owners. Since we are in the digital age, and the IOT (internet of things) movement keeps growing we could say these technological appliances are modern. Luckily, we created a list of technologies to help you in bringing your apartment to the new age.


  1. Kwisset Kevo

A Kwisset Kevo is one of the few gadgets on this list that might need approvement of your landlord before installation. It works as both a traditional key lock and a smart lock for your apartment door. It’s unnoticeable to the naked eye and is almost unhackable due to the limited wifi reach. It’s extremely traditional and you won’t have to worry about being locked at your house when you lose your key since you have your smartphone. In addition, you can share your key information to your friends via Bluetooth and restrict their access later on.


  1. Be Chill

More than likely, as a new apartment owner you are looking to save money. Be Chill is the perfect gadget for cutting down your electric bill while placing your apartment in the modern age. Be Chill takes control of your A/C and only blows air where needed. It helps lower your air bill and keeps your home cool at all times.


  1. Nest Protect

standard smoke detectors just don’t fit the modern appeal of millennial apartments. However, Nest Protect has been the go-to gadget to replace standard smoke detectors. With its useful addition of Wi-fi to determine when the batteries are low and it’s revolutionary reliance on a hand wave gesture to turn the system off.  Nest Protect also comes pack full of other additions like voice alert and sensitivity to monoxide.


  1. Digi-Piggy Bank

Loose change can add up quickly and people always underestimate the amount of money you can save. Placing your money in a regular piggy bank can be unsatisfying because you don’t know the extent of how much you’re going to save. However, with Digi-Piggy each change is automatically counted and your total amount is always displaying on a small LED screen. In addition, you never have to break your piggy bank to get your coins from the machine as it comes with an automatic sliding coin slot.


  1. Amazon Echo

Amazon has long proven that Echo is more than just a gimmick product. An Echo has the capability to complete tons of problems and keep you entertained. It has mini-games and it can do your taxes, grocery shopping, and help you finance. Echo has a ton of uses and has a nice simple style that goes perfectly for your modern technological apartment. This is excluding the constant updates Amazon adds to it and the instant order of almost an unlimited amount of products from amazon.com


  1. 180 HD Cam D-Link

Security Cams are no longer a luxury. D-Link cam makes it incredibly easy for you to place a high-quality HD camera in your apartment for the low cost of $200. The D-Link camera is so small that nobody will be able to notice it. You can hide the D-Link cam in creative places throughout your apartment so no intruder will notice they are being filmed in high-res 780p.


  1. Fred One-Touch Smart Home Mirror

Since you’re living smarter, why not see your smart device the first thing in the morning? Completely douse yourself in a Hollywood sci-fi film like mirror complete with touch screen controls. It might seem extra, but if you have $1,000 to spend on a smart mirror you’re not worried about being extra… This mirror won’t make life any different aside from it being cool and having some nifty features like music, wifi, and a call system.


  1. Braava Jet Robotic Mop

Keeping your apartment clean is a challenge within itself, however, keeping your floor spotless is a whole different story. A stained marble floor is hideous and without proper care can make your apartment look rusty. Sadly, we don’t have robotic maids like the Jetsons, yet we do have Braava Jet Robotic Mop. Braava is an A.I controlled mop that answers to voice commands and has attached Bluetooth to be controlled by your phone. Braava is incredibly smart and will only operate when on a marbled surface.


  1. Snooz White Noise Machine

Getting better ZZZs in your modern apartment can be challenging with robotic assistances, Amazon Echo, and other electronics constantly operating 24/7. Luckily Snooz, a white noise machine for your nightstand by your bedroom, plans on fixing this. Snooz has amazing reviews; the people that actually uses this machine claims that it helped them sleep incredibly well. It’s small enough to pack with you on a business trip and make such little noise your partner -if you have one- won’t be disturbed by its sound.


  1. Click and Grow

This is for the veggie and health enthusiasts. It’s the only thing on this list that is targeted to this specific health niche. Even though regular people that aren’t interested in growing won’t find this interesting, it can still be a cool little delight to grow every now and again. This is extremely useful when your parents come to town and ask what hobbies you’ve picked up while working your new job; you can show them this. It’s nothing much but it’s a great storyteller.


As a general reminder, before you have any upgrades done to your apartment, make sure you get approval first from your landlord. Changing things out without prior approval can result in an eviction notice. So be smart, and stay ahead of the game.

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