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Bored of your old and not so cool showerhead? Cirrus presents you with the ultimate solution. The cirrus shower is a revolutionary new showerhead that will completely change your showering experience. This revolutionary design will not only clean you faster and better it also saves water. This specially designed circus showerhead that not only purifies the water it also drastically reduces the amount of water that you use by 75%. The most prominent features of this showerhead include the mist maker, the Nanotechnology water purifier, excellent thermal efficiency and more surface area coverage.

Showering using this amazing showerhead will give you the feeling like you are showering among the clouds. As soon as you turn on the shower it turns the water into a pressurized mist which encircles and envelopes your body giving you an amazing feeling. This not only makes showering more fun and peaceful it also helps in more area coverage. By reducing the size of water particles drastically they become widespread and can easily cover the whole body as compared to the conventional shower. Another advantage that comes because of using this technology and pressurizing the water is that it reduces the amount of water that comes out of the showerhead which results in overall less usage of water per shower. By saving up to 75% of water as compared to a normal shower you are not only saving yourself a lot of cash you are also doing the world and the environment a huge favor. The savings just in terms of your water bills can amount up to $211 per year.

Another amazing feature that this showerhead has is the three-layer water purifier. Cirrus believes that no shower is complete without hygienic and filtered water. These easily replaceable Nano filters are added to give you a more hygienic and safe showering experience. They contain three layers of mineralized stones that have various advantages. The first layer comprises of tourmaline stones which balance the pH of water. The second layer is of far infrared stones which can easily filter out impurities such as chlorine and dirt. The last layer is of germanium stones, these stones give water a more natural effect. We know that unhygienic water is one of the major reasons of skin and hair damage. The cirrus showerhead gives you the safest and most hygienic showering experience ever. These Nano filters are easy to store and they do not if stored properly. This gives you the choice of ordering more filters and saving money. These filters last up to 2 to 3 months after that they must be replaced.

An exciting extension to these filters is the amazing aromatherapy Nano filter. These specialized filters are infused with organic essential oils that are not only beneficial for your skin they also make showering more fun by infusing a light and pleasing aroma in the mist. Have an amazing spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. The water is infused with the scent of essential oils when it passes through the Nano filter stones. These essential oil infusers are available in 6 different blends that are made by top aromatherapists. These essential oil infusers include Calming, Desire, Forest, Sunshine, PureShape and Passion cartridges. These essential oils will relieve stress, boost energy and have benefits such as relaxation, mood stabilization, better focus, sleep aid etc.

One of the best things about cirrus shower is that you don’t have to own a fancy washroom to benefit from this amazing invention. This showerhead is universal and can be installed in seconds. This showerhead is adaptable to any kind of washroom and its installation is extremely easy and doesn’t require any tools whatsoever. You don’t have to renovate or redesign your washroom. With their straightforward and foolproof installation method, you don’t have to hire a professional plumber for installation. This cirrus showerhead is fixed using magnets. The support latches of the showerhead can be mounted to any shower wall within a matter of seconds because of magnetic attachments. The shower wand then slides easily into the wall attachment. When the wand is not being used, it can be fixed into the wall support at 45 degrees of angle and is held in place using magnets.

Another amazing feature of this showerhead is that it combines innovative technology with artistic design. The design of this showerhead is slim very attractive. It is a class of its own. Get rid of the boring and bland regular showerhead. The design features sleek and stylish cuts that give it a modern and artistic look. The body comprises of the white bottom and a highly reflective chrome top. It is not only stylish but also highly durable. The body is made up of high-quality polycarbonate which doesn’t rust and is strong. This shower will add a nice aesthetic sense and futuristic look to your washroom.

The cirrus showerhead is not just a stylish piece to decorate your washroom. Every aspect of its design is based on a lot of research. After noticing the amount of thermal energy wasted in regular showers the engineers at cirrus came up with a design that reduces this loss 13 times. In regular showers, only 3% of the total thermal energy is used to heat up the water and all the rest is wasted. This not only reduces the efficiency of heater it also wastes a whole lot of your hard-earned money. With the revolutionary vaporized mist style of cirrus showerhead, the water is spread on more area which means that more thermal energy is used to heat up the water and the amount is energy wasted is reduced. Cirrus can transfer 13 times more thermal energy to the water which means that the time and energy required to heat up the water reduced 13 times. For electrically heated water, which is the case in most households, the cirrus shower can help you save $606 annually.

Loaded with exciting features and an artistic design the cirrus showerhead is bound to revolutionize your showering experience by giving you a more relaxing, peaceful and economical alternative to your normal shower.

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