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Hello and welcome to the new and improved Techgeeksunited.com. For starters we have changed our URL to make it less complicated.  Also we have a new site host, and new lay out for easier viewing of each different blog posts.

Some of the new features of the new Techgeeks United includes more videos, cleaner website, also a switch to a Community based Blogging system so that you can become part of us. We hope you enjoy our new site and become part of the community.

Joshua Briggs

During the week I drive a Semi truck for a living. But during my off time, I'm a Tech Enthusiast, and photographer. I'm always keeping myself busy round the clock. I started Techgeeks United back when I was in High School. Except it wasn't really called Techgeeks United. It was Techgeek564. Over the years the name changed a few times which ultimately became what it is today. I have been a Tech Enthusiast since I started fixing my parents computer back in Middle School. From there I started taking lessons on computer repairs and assembly. I learned things by myself via hands-on experience. Back in 2016 I became a freelance photographer and have been enjoying every minute of it. Not one minute goes by without me trying to find something to snap a picture of.

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