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As technology advances, more people are now incorporating smart technology into their lives. The latest trend hitting the market is home automation technology. Home automation gives you the control over devices in your household. This means you can control your washing machine, tv and more from the palm of your hands. This technology might not be supported by every device at the moment, but it’s slowly transitioning towards it. Currently, devices such sprinkler systems, thermostats, lights, appliances, heating, cooling and more can be operated via home automation tools. This new technology may also prove to be beneficial from a security point of a view. It can turn your alarm system on and off remotely, which means that you don’t have to rush back from vacation if you realize you forgot to lock the door! You can simply log into your account online and secure your house and all entrances.
The technology around home automation was built to facilitate the common new age man. We all live in times where time is money, mundane tasks can take took much of our time and energy. Home automation is commonly referred to as ‘Internet of Things’. Everyone has an IP address that can monitor, accessed and used remotely. By scheduling and assigning smart machines tasks, we can ideally save energy and time that can be utilized on important monetary matters.
Components of home automation:
Anything that can be connected and operated through a network can fit in the home automation bandwagon. In the real world, this relates to items that you use in the household, very simple binary devices. Unless you’re a celebrity and rich, your home automation devices would not be too elaborate to control. It involves simple on and off functions such as of lights, power outlets, electronic locks, security sensors, and more.
However, home automation has the ability to become smart. This is when the devices have more power than just on and off functions. For example, when devices are connected to smartphones and can offer more flexibility in functions. They can schedule usage of devices, make products more energy efficient and control other aspects of the device through the internet enabled PC, smartphone or tablet.
Smart devices have been included in the home automation family. Smart TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, coffee makers, thermostats and more. These can offer you a hand in your daily life and greatly reduce the amount of time taken on tasks every day. Moreover, these devices can be integrated together. For example, the coffee maker and the toaster can work in coordination to make you a quick pick me up breakfast in the morning. Or the washing machine and dryer can help you clean up a batch of clothes on a Sunday. However, you need to schedule these devices together and make accurate plans for it to work properly.
In the future, home automation may allow us tremendous and even surreal possibilities. However, for the time being, these can help us improve the security of the house, prepare breakfast and lunches quickly, turn lights on and off at night, turn the heating on, or turn the sprinklers on, basic functions that save you a little bit of time.
Home automation tools for energy saving
One profound advantage of using home automation tools is the energy efficiency aspect. This technology has the profound potential for energy and cost savings. When air conditioning and heating is truly smart, it uses a temperature that is just right. Which means you won’t be wasting more energy on more than you need. Every body’s need is different, that is why these tools can be programmed at the right temperature. You can also schedule the hours you want the air conditioning on and off. For example, you can turn it on for a specific time at night even while you’re sleeping. Moreover, home automation devices can also change the brightness of lights. For example, in the morning when you don’t require that much lightening, the bulbs can dim and at night when you require more luminosity, they can brighten up.
Home automation can also help save water. Gone are the time when water pipes swept water across and wasted a ton of usable water. These devices use smart sprinklers and only spray water where it is needed. Moreover, these are scheduled so they only turn on one time during the day. You don’t have to worry about your rare and expensive flowers not getting water while you’re away. Through remote operations, you can turn your sprinklers on and off on schedule.
Moreover, energy costs can further be reduced by programming macros into the system and controlling it remotely. For example, you can activate your devices from your smartphone at work or from home. You can also turn them off if you’re on the road and forgot to turn them off.

Home automation and security
One of the biggest benefits that home automation tools offer us is enhanced security. Sensors, surveillance cameras, and alarms can all be connected to home automation systems. These can work together to ensure that your home remains safe and sound. For example, smart sensors can quickly alert the police if someone tries to break into your home. They can also send federal agencies the footage of the thief; this overcomes the issue of a false alarm.
However, some people have concerns over the remote aspect of this technology. This means that hackers and cyber criminals can also make unauthorized entries into your home systems and turn sensors on and off. This can be a great problem especially if such automation tools are used instead of security guards in the future for museums, banks, jewelry shops and more.
There are also claims that in the future, artificial intelligence will be paired auth home automation systems. This may offer more advanced and exciting functions. For example, it may be possible that smart devices could have a mind of their own. We could literally live inside a talking, evolving home. The future brings exciting stuff!

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