Switch-Con: World’s First HDMI Hub for Switch and S8/S8+

Nintendo switch is the seventh major gaming console that is being used by people all over the world. Released on 3rd March 2017 the console gathered major appreciation from gaming society all across the globe. Nintendo switch is being called a hybrid console because when the main unit of this console is inserted into the docking station the console can be connected to a television screen. However, the even without the docking unit the console works perfectly and acts similar to a tablet or mobile phone.

There are two fundamental issues with the docking device of Nintendo switch that have been observed by the users. One of these issues is the overheating problem, when the device is used for a long time by being placed in the docking station it tends to overheat. This overheating not only greatly reduces the performance of the device it can also cause bending of the main unit. A lot of users noticed that when they used the device for longer periods of time while it was connected to the docking station the device bent a little. This could be noticed a scale parallel to the device.

The other major issue that occurs with the Nintendo switch console is that the docking station is too large to carry. If you are going on a vacation and want to take the console with you the docking station will not only add to the weight of the luggage it will also waste a lot of precious space in your bags. Most of the people will like to play games on the bigger screen even when they are on vacations like the televisions in their hotel rooms etc. Not being able to carry the docking station is a big bummer for these people as they have no way of connecting the main console with the screen.

Lucky for you, we have a solution to both of these problems in terms of a mini device known as Switch-con. Switch-con is a Kickstarter-backed project which is designed specially to address the above-mentioned problems of the Nintendo switch and give users a unique, cheap and pocket-sized solution. Switch-con is a pocket-sized Nintendo switch hub which can be carried very easily to anywhere you are going making your console truly portable. If you have a switch con you can very easily connect your switch to any display device using the HDMI cable.

Switch con team comprises of engineers and technologists who love gaming as much as you do. We know how much gamers are in love with their consoles because we can totally relate. Knowing that they cannot take their favorite console which in our case is obviously Nintendo switch along with them wherever they are going is frustrating, to say the least. Our goal is to engineer and produce the best product that can make your console truly portable. Keeping this goal in mind we came up with the idea of switch-con which was greatly appreciated by people all over the world.

The production of this portable HDMI hub is already in progress and the company has partnered with a Chinese company that specializes in making USB type connectors. This company is one of the most reputed and trusted companies in the region and makes top quality products. The company specializes in making high end and top quality USB type C connectors. By choosing this company we make sure that the product that reaches you works greater than you expect it to and there are no complaints about the quality or working of the device.

The best thing about switch con is that it is not just a simple device with one connection. There are a number of ports in this pocket-sized device. The main outlet is, of course, the HDMI video output port which supports a 4K resolution at 30 Hz. There is another port right next to this which is a USB C PD power which is capable of up to 100W power. The device also features 2 USB C ports which have 5 Gb/s data speed. The two ports on the other side are the USB A 3.1 ports which also have the data speed of 5 Gb/s.

Switch con conveniently replaces the big and bulky docking station that comes with the Nintendo switch and gives you a pocket-sized and truly portable alternative. This pocket-sized solution also solves the problem of overheating the device as the main console doesn’t have to be in the docking station all the time. This not only increases the life of the console it also saves it from permanent damage in terms of bending. However, this is not all that this amazing device offers. Not only is this amazing hub compatible with Nintendo switch it also perfectly with your Samsung S8 and S8+. You will be able to view all of the content on your phone on a bigger and better screen using this amazing HDMI hub. This makes working on the phone or even playing games a better experience because you have the view on a bigger screen and the quality is also enhanced. This is not where the functionality of this device ends. The hub is also perfectly compatible with all the new MacBook and MacBook Pro devices and also supports Chromebook. You can use this device to display the content of your laptop on a bigger screen or you can increase the number of ports on the device. The device is perfect for presentations and allows you to connect multiple devices to your laptop very easily.

The project received an overwhelming response on Kickstarter and was funded a 1000% by July 8th, 2017. This amazing gadget will be shipped to early birds in the coming month and production has already been started. There a number of different packages in which you can order the device. You can order it for personal use or as a retailer on wholesale prices.

*************************** Update July 21, 2017 *********************************************

Due to a trademark issue and Term agreements with Kickstarter, Switch-con was required to switch its name to C-Force to prevent legal issues and to continue receiving funding from Kickstarter. The team at C-Force also has agreed to provide everyone with a free HDMI cable for the inconvenience, and has made it clear that their products will still be released at the same time as scheduled. Also since exceeding a milestone, they are also offering colored variance of the C-Force. The chance to back the product as of now will come to the end in 24-hours before they move on to the production phase of their plan.

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